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Video 1
Concepts Video

This video is beneficial because you will examine certain terms that you will need to know to successfully setup and administer an IIS Server.
* Domain Name
* Socket
* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
* Front Page Server Extensions
Video 2
Lab Setup Video

This video is important because it lays out the scenario that you will be using throughout the video.
Video 3
IIS Installation

In this video you will learn about the new features in this version of IIS (6.0), which you should keep in mind as you see how to install IIS 6.0 and how to setup your web server.

* New Features in IIS 6.0
* IIS Installation
* Management of Web Server
Video 4
Creating and Hosting Web Sites

You will benefit from this video by seeing how to set up multiple websites on a web server and secure these websites. You will also see how to set up an FTP server and see how to connect to that server using an FTP client to transfer files to the FTP server. These are essential tools when creating and hosting a web site.

* Creating and Hosting Multiple Web Sites
* Securing a Web Site
* FTP Server Setup
Video 5
Web Server Administration

Knowing how to lock down your web server is essential to provide the top level of security for your web server. You will also gain hands on knowledge of how to back up your web server and how to manage your web server remotely.

* Remote Management Tool in Server 2003
* Web Server Backup
* Custom Error Message
* Web Server Security
Remote Access Setup for Windows 2003

Knowing how to set up and use terminal services allows the administrator to easily manage servers and remote users. From one system the administrator can manage multiple servers.


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