Chapter 619: At the Forest of Sea
Cover story From the Deck of the World vol.6: City of Orange, massive pet food shop Shu-shu opens

Zoro seems to have moved faster than Hodi in water, and landed the slash.
The New Fishman Pirates supply the ES
Neptune makes a way for them, but then grabs Zoro, Usopp, and Brook and does a massive version of the current throw, Ultra Marine.
As the NFP pirates are being washed away, some of the underlings supply Hodi with ES
Neptune lags behind in the escape due to age, but calls up Hoe to attempt to get away
Zoro’s breath is running out. Neptune is capture by doped up Hodi by one hand, and Zoro and co are also caught by the NFP
Neptune orders his men to get Fukaboshi and the other two.

Luffy and Shirahoshi arrive at the Forest of Sea.
Franky and Jinbe joins up, Jinbe is surprised to see Shirahoshi there.
Next he is surprised to see Hachi all beaten up
Sanji finally restores to his normal self
Another axe comes flying from Decken, but Luffy takes care of it
Nami and Camie also joins up
Jinbe acknowledges the situation.
Some details of his gratitude and apology are revealed
Eleven years ago, the one who let Arlong loose to East Blue was Jinbe himself

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