Buildling ASP.NET MVC 2 Applications using VB 2010 | 781MB
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ASP.NET MVC is a fascinating technology that provides an alternative to Web forms for building Web applications. Instead of building pages using server controls that provide relatively little control over the HTML they produce, MVC gives you complete control. The course starts with an introduction to ASP.NET MVC and the Model-View-Controller pattern on which it is based. You�ll learn about the main differences between MVC and Web forms applications, and see how to build a simple MVC application with Visual Studio. Then you�ll explore each of the three main components of an MVC application. Next, you�ll explore models, which encapsulate the data and business rules of an application. You�ll learn that there are almost no limitations in how you provide data to an MVC application. Then you�ll get into views, the user interface of an MVC application.

In this course, you will learn:

* Differences between MVC and Web forms applications
* How to create controllers and actions to manage the workflow of an application
* About methods and results, and how to write code to implement each
* That there are almost no limitations in how you provide data to an MVC application
* How to implement a model using both custom classes and Entity Framework data models
* How to centralize data validation using a model.
* Interact with data provided by the controller
* Some of the ways to add content to a view

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